Invisalign® Virtual Appointments

Connect with patients for remote consultations and appointments whenever and wherever it's most convenient. Ready to get started?

Connect with your patients – virtually

With Invisalign Virtual Appointment, practices can quickly and easily set-up a virtual face-to-face appointment with patients. This enables you to:

Check-in on patient’s treatment progress.
Virtually meet consumers who are interested in Invisalign treatment to answer questions.
Help answer questions or concerns before bringing in patients for an exam.


This fully online, digital and HIPAA-compliant solution offers an easy-to-use interface, which is intuitive for your front office team members to learn and implement. Invisalign Virtual Appointment is available for you to begin using in your practice within 24 business hours after you accept the Terms and Conditions.

How to get started

Accept terms and conditions

To get started, accept the terms and conditions on the Invisalign Doctor Site support page. Review Invisalign Virtual Appointment Terms and Conditions.

Download Zoom app

Download the “Zoom Client for meetings” program for desktop or the “Zoom Cloud Meetings” mobile app.

Access the Virtual Appointment page

Sign into the Virtual Appointment page using your Invisalign Doctor Site credentials.

On the Virtual Appointment page, you’ll see three tabs which allow you to manage your appointments, book new appointments, and edit existing appointments.

Before scheduling an appointment, obtain the patient’s prior permission to setting up the virtual appointment, and his/her consent for Align to send them emails and text messages on your behalf regarding their appointments.

Ready to get started?

To get started, accept the terms and conditions on the Invisalign Doctor Site support page. Want to learn more? Access the training material.

Provide care from anywhere.

My Invisalign app

Provides your patients with education and facilitates remote engagement and treatment.

Invisalign Virtual Care

Enables you to remotely monitor and provide feedback to patients on their treatment progress.